The ´Goethepreis der Stadt Frankfurt am Main", which was founded in 1927 , was meant to be awarded every year in memory of Goethe`s birthday, the 28th of August. It is destined for personalities who have made themselves a name professionally and whose work is worthy the memory of Goethe. In 1952 the municipal council decided to award the ´Goethepreis` in three year intervals instead of annually. The award certificate is written on parchment and comes with a financial sum of 50.000 Deutschmark (up to 1960 the sum used to be 10.000 Deutschmark).


Since 1927 the following personalities have been awarded the ´Goethepreis` of the city of Frankfurt am Main`.


1927 the poet Stefan George

1928 the medical doctor and philosopher Albert Schweizer

1929 the philosopher Leopold Ziegler

1930 the psychoanalist Sigmund Freud

1931 the poet Ricarda Huch

1932 the poet Gerhart Hauptmann

1933 the poet Hermann Stehr

1934 the musician Hans Pfitzner

1935 the writer Hermann Stegemann

1936 the sculptor Georg Kolbe

1937 the poet and philosopher Guido Kolbenheyer

1938 the medical doctor and poet Hans Carossa

1939 the chemist Carl Bosch

1940 the poet Agnes Miegel

1941 the poet Wilhelm Schäfer

1942 the medical doctor Richard Kuhn

1945 the physicist Max Planck

1946 the poet Hermann Hesse

1947 the philospher Karl Jaspers

1948 the poet Fritz von Unruh

1949 the poet Thomas Mann

1952 the poet Carl Zuckmayer

1955 the poet Anette Kolb

1958 the natural scientist and philosopher Prof. Dr. Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker

1960 the writer Ernst Beutler

1961 the architect Walter Gropius

1964 the writer and journlaist Benno Reifenberg

1967 the scientist and politician Carlo Schmid

1970 the philospher, literary analyst and humanist Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Georg Lukaacs

1973 the writer Arno Schmidt

1976 the film director Ingmar Bergmann

1979 the sociologist and publicist Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Raymond Aron

1982 the writer Ernst Jünger

1985 the historian Prof. Dr. Dr. phil. h.c. Golo Mann

1988 the film director Peter Stein

1991 the lyric poet Wislawa Szymborska

1994 the art historian Sir Ernst Gombrich

1997 the composer Hans Zender

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